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What is Seed Project

SEED project is a recall on green revolution through planting seeds and creating awareness about restoration of environment. It’s also our tribute to Green soldier who has planted 1 crore saplings and died recently in May, 2016 with a sapling in hand. We want to continue his league and to gift our upcoming generation a green, prospering and pollution free place to live.

In India we faced 51 degree Celsius temperature this year and this may increase next year with increase in co2 content in environment. One tree per person will reduce this to a bigger extent and help us in overcoming environmental problems which we are facing. #ItsTimeToGiveBack

Frequently Asked Questions

What is karma hero?

Karma hero is a real person who cares about problems of nation. Karma hero is pride of nation who contribute his/her efforts for improving education, environment and poverty. Karma hero not only follows all karma duties but also aware people about these duties.

How to become first karma hero?

Karma Hero contest will start from 20th March till 30th April 2017, where you need to send an article on the topic "what is karma? how everyone's good karma can lead to make a better society".Send this article within 150 words at seedproject@shikshasarathi.com. Winner will be chosen on basis of best article.

What is the age limit to participate in competition?

Anyone who is above 13 year age can participate in this competition.

How to receive a seed?

You can receive a seed from existing karma heroes.

Who can receive seed?

Anyone from any nationality can receive this seed from karma heroes.

Can I give my seed to anyone in my network?

Yes, yes you can give seeds to anyone in your network by your choice, but remember he/she should continue the chain.

What is seed packet?

Seed packet is a gift you receive from us once you apply on our website which will contain ten seeds with their seed codes.

What is seed code?

Seed code is an eight digit unique code which is associated with every seed and it will be required to apply for seed packet. Don’t loose it else you will lose opportunity of being a karma hero.

Can I apply directly for seed?

There is absolutely no way to apply for seed directly. It’s a chain process and you get seed just by luck.

Can I donate for this campaign?

Yes you can donate for this campaign from our website. Your each 100 rupees help us to forward 4 seed packets and you give contribution for 40 new trees by doing this karma!

Is there any charges for receiving seeds packets?

No charges are there in receiving seed packets. Only Delivery charges will be applied for shipments made outside India. All shipments will be provided through India post.

What is karma wall?

Karma wall is a wall which describes about all karma heroes who has contributed in this campaign by planted seeds and applying for seed packets.

What is karma count?

Whenever a seed planted and someone apply for seed packet then a karma is counted and shown in karma counter.

Which type of seeds are there in packet?

A seed packet has combination of seeds of vegetables and herbs. You can easily grow them in indian climatic conditions.

Karma Duties

Plant one tree every birthday to fight against pollution
Donate whatever I have extra like food, blood, clothes, books to needy people
Avoid use of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and will help others in overcoming them
Vote in elections in any situation
Maintain my health, cleanliness, greenery and avoid use of plastics
Serve my nation by doing job or service I can do and will help by teaching others and skilling people
Fight against corruption by not giving or taking bribe, ask for purchase bills and pay taxes
Be responsible citizen of India and help somebody who met with an accident donate my body parts after my death to help needy
Be first to report harassment, child labor, sexual abuse, dowry or any such crime when noticed
Continue chain of karma hero by applying for free seed packets on website and forward those ten packets to those who wants to be karma hero
Do not participate in any "bharat bandh" or anti-national activity or rally which stops my nation's economy and affects bread and butter of poor people
Do not speak, comment or post to discriminate people on basis of caste, religion, color, sex or state they belongs to
Karma Hero No. 1
Namrata Jain
Hi all, I am happy to share that it was an amazing feeling to do an act of wisdom.Its my pleasure to be a part of shikshasarathi/seed project. Thanks to Mr.Akash Garg -The CEO. I pledge to serve and to be loyal towards my duty..I request you all to join such a beautiful campaign.Thanks to shiksha sarathi for making me first karma hero. Jai Hind.

Tshirt & Badge

You can apply for your karma hero number T Shirt and Badge once you become karma hero. Our every karma hero will get their karma badges for free in their seed packet

Get T-Shirt at Rs300 which will be contributed to fund seed project

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